Mondo Books (Tromsø) is an independent book platform that mediates artists ́s publications through publishing projects, distribution, exhibitions, book fairs, workshops, launches and other events. They also pursue research-based projects around topics of printed matter and its relationship to social movements, in particular in the Barents region. Recently they hosted the first edition of the Arctic Art Book Fair, and will continue to support works of arctic content, with a focus on indigenous perspectives, under-represented voices and cross-border collaborations. Mondo plays an important role in both the local scene as well as on the national level, since it is the only independent art book platform and distributor in the Northern region. 

We are currently located in the front space at the Tromsø Kunstforening (Tromsø Center of Contemporary Art) and we also have a small satellite site at Nord Norsk Kunstnersenter in Svolvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Mondo is currently run by Tanya Busse, Marion Bouvier and Nicolas Siepen

Participation in book fairs and events 

Mondo has participated in Supermarket Independent art Fair (Stockholm), Bergen Art Book Fair (Norway), Lofoten International Art Festival (Norway), Reality (Oslo, Norway), What a Mess (Frederikstad, Noray), I Am Hot Forever, I Am Not Forever (Tromsø Kunstforening), Newseum (Tromsø Kunstforening), New York Art Book Fair (USA), and Toronto Art Book Fair Editions (Canada).

Mondo organized the first Arctic Art Book Fair in Tromsø in 2020. 

We will be at the Sharjah Foundation art book fair in November 2022. 

Wednesday - Sunday
12:00 - 17:00
Monday - Tuesday
Contact us at:mondotromso@gmail.com