PLANKA 2, 2012

Mondo invited curator Helga-Marie Nordby for a collaborative project; Planka 2 at Kurant in Tromsø.

“Planka” or “the Plank” was originally a regular shelf between the kitchen and the living room in Anna Daniell and Sverre Strandberg’s apartment in Oslo, opened as a gallery in 2008. After a number of successful exhibitions, “Planka” was given to Helga-Marie Nordby as a farewell present in 2009 when she moved to Tromsø.

Planka 2 in Tromsø is a homage for artists who runs or have been running galleries; Sverre Gullesen, Snorre Hvamen, Kristian Skylstad, Mohammed Ali Fadlabi, Hjørdis Kurås, Geir Backe Altern, Stian Eide Kluge, Anders Smebye, Stefan Schröder, Ebba Moi, Helen Eriksen, Steffen Håndlykken, Line Solberg Dolmen, Ronny Faber Dahl, Steinar Haga Kristensen, Thora Dolven Balke, Linn Pedersen, Leander Djønne og Anna Daniell.

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